Let's build a Mobile Application

The development of mobile applications can be protracted and difficult if all the resources to complete the application are not housed in one place. The application design work needs to be completed, the flow needs to work, the application need to be coded and tested and very often a website and back office is also required.

Design Work

Working  in conjunction with our design team, clients have access to graphics and authoring software to produce high quality images and outputs that are suitable for use in mobile applications, websites and other marketing material that often accompany the creation of a mobile application. This forms the basis of the "feel" of the application and also informs choices about how the application should flow in an end to end scenario.

Build and Testing

With resources readily available, clients can choose to have their application built in Android, IOS or a Windows platform, or indeed, all three.

Back Office Development

Whilst a number of software houses will build and deliver a working application, an integrated back office is also very often required. We are able to complete the build and testing of a back office using all the latest languages incorporating security, flexibility and scalability.